HOWTO Create a LEGO Motorized Train Points Track 3

If you, like me, loves LEGO Trains you will already know that there are several things that really could be improved easily by LEGO: like the lack of a proper x-cross track, an automated switch, some signals to stop trains, etc…

LEGO Train PF Points Motorized Switch

Well, LEGO said a few years ago that they replaced the old 9V tracks by the actual plastic stuff because it would allow new vibrant track designs. #bullshit More than five years after that we still have exactly the same type of tracks geometry. We would love to see different size straight tracks and a wider curved tracks… but it looks like we will have to wait more.

But today let me share with you the fantastic work of Michael Skaako: A remotely operated switch track or a motorized point.

Even on the small tracks that I build on my house, it is really stressing to change switches fast enough when you have several trains running on the tracks. This little add-on built purely on LEGO parts will help you a lot.

These are the parts you are going to need


And this is HOWTO build it.

You can pay a visit to Skaako’s Flickr here

I hope to find the time to build a proper track that features this interesting addition. What would you built with it?

3 thoughts on “HOWTO Create a LEGO Motorized Train Points Track

  1. Reply James Feb 27,2015 8:44 pm

    Hey I made the different version. Thanks this helps me with my lego train layouts

  2. Reply Ken Apr 7,2016 5:26 pm

    HI! Is it 8883 LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor you have used with this project?

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