Sort your LEGO Axles with the AS-L40A

Don’t you hate sorting you LEGO Bricks before building a new set?


Most bricks are relatively easy to spot and use but I have quite a few problems with Technic axles and beams because they all look so similar… it is not easy for a newbie like me to difference at first sight a 5 studs axle of a 7 one.

Right now I am just using the smallest axle, the 3 studs axle as a “measure” for the rest and I am improving in my recognition skills but this little machine for sure probes useful and doesn’t look so complex to build.

The idea behind it is quite simple, just above the axles trays there is a hole that is each time a bit bigger, so the longest axles will fall first until you reach the little red axle that the whole hole. It is a pretty clever idea and simple enough to be build without any kind of sensor.

What do you think?

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