What do you do when this happen? Error building a LEGO Set

I was building a new LEGO Set for reviewing and when I completed it and started testing it I found a part of the set wasn’t working as expected… after checking the gear boxes I found that the problem was that I missed a gear in one of the most inner gear boxes…


So apart of crying and shouting… what do you suggest that I do? Do this happen to you too?

[UPDATE: Ok, I have fixed it. I had to take apart both sides of the crane and after removing some beams I was able to bend the chassis and take one axle first, then another and finally push the one with the missing gear… tested and all is working ]

2 thoughts on “What do you do when this happen? Error building a LEGO Set”

  1. This is similar to a situation where I build something that’s just one stud too close, or one stud too far, from what’s actually needed.

    What I do in these cases? After crying a little, I carefully disassemble ONLY what’s needed in order to be able to correct the problem.

    So, for that gear… figuring out how you can slide that axle left or right some, to allow you to place the gear in the right place, then push the axle back through.

    You can choose to either kick yourself about it, or treat it as an engineering challenge – figuring out how to correct the problem with the least amount of tear-down/rebuilding.

    1. Cursing and crying was only for the first ten minutes :D

      I had to remove both sides of the 42009 and then bend the chassis so one of the axles became loose and I could extract it, then extracted another one and finally I was able to push the axle back. More like eating seafood than engineering but it worked :)

      Definitively I need to be more careful when building despite the click click click of the camera counting time.

  2. In my crane, that actual gear wheel snapped in 2 pieces last night.
    Just after half a hour of playing!

    Along with 1 (left one) of the 2 other gears wheels of the same type in the crane!

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