LEGO 7937 Train Station Review 2

LEGO 7937 Train Station Review
Don’t despair… I haven’t given up LEGO Technic but I have been lately assaulted by a strange love to LEGO Trains. So after building and reviewing for you the 7938 Passenger Train and 7939 Cargo Train, it was time to build the LEGO 7937 Train Station. The model looks really cool and it has quite ...

LEGO after Christmas

LEGO after Christmas
Just missing the Black gate that should be here any day. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

LEGO 7939 Cargo Train Review 7

LEGO 7939 Cargo Train Review
So… when I built the LEGO 7938 Passenger Train and I felt so ripped off I decided to quit the Train stuff… but I love to so much that little trains running all around the house… so I did what any other man would have done: Order another Train Set :) Here it is the ...

A few LEGO Sets for Christmas

A few LEGO Sets for Christmas
Ho! Ho! Ho! A few sets to build this holiday season. I can’t wait to start building them. Keep tune and don’t forget to subscribe to The LEGO Technic Gear on Youtube for video reviews of the sets. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

LEGO Train 7938 Passenger Train Review 3

LEGO Train 7938 Passenger Train Review
Well, here we are. My first review of a LEGO Train… as I had no clue which one to buy I decided for a affordable set like the 7938 instead of the more expensive 7939 because I wasn’t sure about what I were going to obtain. The LEGO 7938 Passenger Train is a bit disappointing. ...

LEGO Minifigs Hell

LEGO Minifigs Hell
This is what happens when I let my two kids to play with my LEGO minifigs with all the accessories and little details that made them so lovely… #fail So how you do this? Because don’t let them play with LEGO is cruel… Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

The Technic Gear Channel Ad

So, here it is The Technic Gear video. What do you think? By the way, don’t forget to subscribe if if you enjoyed it. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

LEGO 9398 4×4 Crawler Review 5

LEGO 9398 4x4 Crawler Review
Brooom! Broom! Broom! Here it is! At last! The review of the LEGO Technic 4×4 Crawler. I built this model back in July but I haven’t have time to write this review till now. If only writing There are cool models. And then there is this 4×4 Crawler. This is the first LEGO Technic set ...

The Ten Best LEGO Set for Christmas 1

The Ten Best LEGO Set for Christmas
Christmas is coming!… and what could be a better gift the big boy ( and girl! ) inside us than a great LEGO Set. I have take a few hours to gather what I think are the most cool LEGO Gifts that you can buy as a present ( or for yourself! ) for this ...

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Track3r Review 11

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Track3r Review
Today, I review the first robot of the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3: Track3r. I think LEGO has replace e for 3 in a hope to make their models look cooler which I think it is plainly stupid as they are already cool enough… but well… LEGO does, I build. Here is the robot. Tracker is ...