LEGO Train 7938 Passenger Train Review

Well, here we are. My first review of a LEGO Train… as I had no clue which one to buy I decided for a affordable set like the 7938 instead of the more expensive 7939 because I wasn’t sure about what I were going to obtain.


The LEGO 7938 Passenger Train is a bit disappointing. Let me explain you why on this review.

Model data

Name Passenger Train
Ref. Code 7938
Theme City – Train
Year 2010
Parts 669
Price £102.99
Minifigs 3
Parts inventory
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Model background

The new high-speed passenger train is faster than a speeding bullet and it’s on-track to super-speed passengers to their destinations! This train can handle up to eight cars at a time through the tight curves of the new flexible tracks using the new 4-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control. Train features an engine with opening cockpit and 2 passenger cars with removable roofs and space for 10 passengers.

Includes 3 minifigures: train driver and 2 passengers; plus 1 traffic light, train station, 16 curved track pieces and 16 flexible track pieces that can make a curve or straightway.

Model Box

This model features a big box but it is reasonable filled mainly with the tracks.


And the back part with all the LEGO Train features… to make you drool.


You can watch here the unboxing with my two very-excited sons.


It has a manual for each car plus an extra manual for the station. It is pretty straight forward to build it. I really miss a better manual for track suggestions but anyway you can’t build close to nothing with the provided tracks.


Building experience

The trains are quite fun to build with lots of attention to the detail on the cars.
You can watch here the timelapse building of the stations plus the three cars.

Complete model

There are lots of lovely parts on this model.

The station


Although it is a very simple construction I really liked the attention to the detail with the light lamp and the clock. But it is quite simple.

The Train

Both the head car and the tail car are very similar but on the head car black windows cover the area where the battery is placed and on the tail car it has room for more minifigs to be seated there.

The Passenger Car

The passenger car has a removable roof and has room for 8 minifigs to be seated there. I really like the way they did tables.



This set has three minifigs, of which I love the train driver.


Well, I really love the train but I am really disappointed with the set.

Miguel says 6.5/10
Building experience
Value for money


I love the train.
I really like how the train and the cars look.


Very little tracks.
The IR Control isn’t exactly precise.

If they would have included more tracks on this model it would have been awesome. I will soon review the LEGO 7939 Cargo Train that I bought after this one and has more tracks as well as a even cooler train. Keep your eyes peeled!

You can buy ( but I really advise you against it ) on Amazon.

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