Maze traversing using LEGO Mindstorms

Maze traversing has been a great interesting subject since Theseus escaped the Minotaur’s maze ( although with the help of Ariadne ).


So, this little robot and his software traverse this unknown labyrinth by navigating around. Usually the best approach for this kind of problems is a wide transversing of a tree ( a computational data structure ) that represents the labyrinth.

The whole maze is very cleverly constructed and if you notice there is like tiles separated by a dark color tape on the floor, that way the robot can represent more easy the information on its mind and once it has explore the labyrinth, found a way out of it.

It is interesting too how the robot keeps away from the walls and how it manage around the maze. A quite interesting project if you ask me…

2 thoughts on “Maze traversing using LEGO Mindstorms”

  1. Hello, I’m a student. I am interested to see how you did this. I want to understand how the robot is able to avoidto touch the wall. I recently bought a used Nxt. I’m programming with lejos. (excuse for my bad English).If you can show me the code would help me even more.

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