The Best Ten LEGO Technic Sets You Can Build 20

The Best Ten LEGO Technic Sets You Can Build
LEGO Technic is a subset of LEGO System that, although 100% compatible with standard LEGO Bricks, is based on beams and pegs instead of studded components. The whole point of LEGO Technic is about creating complex, realistic, working machines like the one in this Top Ten List… What would be of a LEGO Technic blog ...

Building a new set 2

Building a new set
Yay! A new set. Can you guess which one is it? Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

Building a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Race Car 3

Building a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Race Car
After watching the little race car by NXT Programs I decided that I had to build that one. This Race Car is built using the standard parts of Mindstorms set. As you can see aspect isn’t completely finished and well, the one at NXT Programs looks slightly better. I did on the other hand a ...

Robots Playing with a Ball

It is always a good day for watching robots playing with a ball. Feeling like a child right now! It is done using Mindstorms and the path for the ball is done use metal wire. Usually you can use drip irrigation plastic wires to cover the metal wire so it looks better. That’s what most ...

LEGO Mindstorms Coins Counter

LEGO Mindstorms Coins Counter
It looks like I have inherit from a Nigerian prince all his possessions, including insane amount of money. I just have to send a small amount of money so they can do all the paperwork. Seem legit! Anyway, I will have to build a bigger scale version of this Coin Counter machine. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

LEGO Great Comptraction Ball

LEGO Great Comptraction Ball
Happy Weekend friends! Here it is a nice GBC made by Philip Verbeek. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

LEGO 42007 Moto Cross Bike Review 2

LEGO 42007 Moto Cross Bike Review
While looking for new parts for my definitive megarobot I bought this decently priced LEGO Technic Set, the 42007 Moto Cross Bike (£22.45 on Amazon) one. This set features two of the biggest wheels available at LEGO right now. The bike is really cool and the model A is quite interesting to build. It has ...

MOC LEGO Technic Mountain Bike 1

MOC LEGO Technic Mountain Bike
I thought it was already time to try something on my own. So what could be simpler than a Mountain Bike? The model is not at scale or anything and I built it just by watching a real mountain bike, I should have used a blueprint… but looked so easy. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

Sometimes LEGO Instructions are so hard…

Sometimes LEGO Instructions are so hard...
On LEGO Technic sets, on the other hand some manuals are complex, but I reckon it is very hard to make it easier. Have you had a big problem with a set because of confusing instructions? Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr

Terminator Arm with LEGO Technics

Terminator Arm with LEGO Technics
This hand is just a piece or art. It is really incredible how it works and they even explain how it has been done. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreEmailRedditLinkedInPrintPinterestTumblr