LEGO 76023 Batman’s Tumbler UCS Review

I got the Batman’s Tumbler as soon as it was released on Summer, 2014 but I haven’t dare building it till now. Such a big box, such amount of parts.


If you like Batman and black LEGO parts this is your set. And I don’t want to spoil my own review, but the set isn’t so complex to build as I was expecting yet as delightful as you may think it is.

Model data

Name The Tumbler
Ref. Code 76023
Theme DC Comics Super Heroes
Year 2014
Parts 1869
Price £ 159.99
Minifigs 2
Where can I buy LEGO 76023?
Amazon ( But I would check LEGO Shop because it will be cheaper for sure )

Model background

Take on the challenge of building The Tumbler, an amazingly cool LEGO model of the iconic vehicle from the Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy. Construct this black armored vehicle highlighted with new colour LEGO elements and brand new LEGO front wheels. Check out the cool, detailed interior and adjustable top wings. Includes 2 new and exclusive minifigures: Batman and The Joker.

Model Box

The box is HUGE but I suppose it has to be when you pay €190 for a toy. The front side of the box features the Tumbler…


and the back side shows parts of the interior and other details. And this is the unboxing in case you want to see it.


This sets comes with five scary instructions booklets. But once you read them, you realize that this is not like other LEGO Creator sets, in Batman Tumbler each step is a small change over the previous step and it is easy to build.

Building experience

I was expecting a very long building process but I have to say that I got it under four hours ( the mobile crane took me around six hours ) and the Tumbler looks like Tumbler pretty early on the building steps.

First you build the floor of the Tumbler using studded Technic parts and then you continue developing the chassis of the car that will hold all the external decorations.

I really love the way of attaching parts to create impossible angles and the way back wheels are joined so they look like the real Tumbler.


Complete model

This is the complete model


Here is the backside of the Tumbler where you can see the double wheel system.


This is a side view of the car. Just look at the huge amount of details it has.


LEGO also placed a lot of care while designing the interior of the Tumbler


And finally one of the nicest parts are the front wheels that although don’t steer like the original Tumbler are quite solid and looks awesome.


Here you have a short video review of the model.


This set comes with a special stand to place to special minifigures: a black Batman and the Joker.



Miguel says 10/10
Building experience
Value for money


– This is awesome.
– The car is really big


– It is really fragile.
– Don’t expect it to steer :)

Does LEGO 76023 worth the money?

I would buy it again eyes closed, but I have to agree that it is expensive and it isn’t much of a toy. Just handling the Tumbler to take a few pictures made some of the parts to detach. But again… it is a impressive vehicle.

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