LEGO 40083 Christmas Tree Truck Review

Santa gave this Christmas Tree Truck to me after I ordered a LEGO Chess from LEGO Shop last year but I haven’t have time to write a proper review of it till now… so here it is… one year later. Thanks to Santa for it and here it is my review of the model.


Model data

Name Christmas Tree Truck
Ref. Code 40083
Theme Seasonal
Year 2013
Parts 118
Price Not for sale
Minifigs 1
Where can I buy LEGO 40083?
This set wasn’t available for sale. It was given to LEGO Shop VIP members for orders placed after Nov, 28 2013.
Anyway, you may be able to find it at Amazon

Model Box

In line with most of the small LEGO Set, a small box almost empty.


This is the back of the box.



One instructions manual to build the car and the tree

Building experience

The model is easy to build and there is nothing specially challenging on it. Here you have the mandatory timelapse building.

Complete model

It works quite well for such an small set. The truck looks nice enough and the tree does the work.



The model has a minifig that is the truck’s driver. An old man with grey hair. Fair enough.


Miguel says 5.5/10
Building experience
Value for money

Does LEGO 40083 worth the money?

Well, I got it for free… so I have no opinion. You can buy it at Amazon for barely £10

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