Computer geek, coder, teacher, father of two. I love LEGO since I was a kid and recently I have been able at last to afford a Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Set that has made my fall in love with LEGO Technic.

HOWTO Calibrate a differential robot: UMBMark Explained

This article is just a follow-up of drawing squares with leJOS where the problem of calibrating correctly your differential robot appeared. So, if you recall our squares drawing robot, we needed to travel around the four legs of a square turning 90 degrees on each corner so that we ended in the initial position using …

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LEGO 4204 Gold Mine Review

I got the Gold Mine because it was big and I was envisioning a good usage for the mountain bricks. And what the hell because it looks very nice. When I bought it I found the mountain bricks are in fact a few big parts… but anyway… let’s review it.