Playing with LEGO Train Tracks: Slopes, x-crosses and levels

Hello there. No, no, I am not dead. I am so busy that I have almost no time to write here… but I am working actively on two LEGO areas: robots and trains. And today I want to share with you two of my latest creations.


I have created two different layouts to work with slopes. First, the longest LEGO Train track with several switch tracks that I have built so far.

And then this past weekend I have built a two levels loop using ramp up and down to the sides and Horizon Express.

Now I am just waiting for the new LEGO Trains ( and Train Station )that are going to be release this summer so that I can get more tracks and more trains to make it even bigger and better! :)

7 thoughts on “Playing with LEGO Train Tracks: Slopes, x-crosses and levels”

    1. I used just one motor… and low charged batteries. With full batteries it moved fast enough. If you have a powerfunctions switch ( or a very long long cable ) you can just add another IR on the back and reverse polarity on the motor there…
      I should try it myself…

      1. I’m in a Condo, so its good to see you can squeeze it in the space. What did you make the raised track supports out of. So far I can tell its lattice tower, black and white and grey brick, and then some kind of length of plank.

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